When was the last time you ate out and were shocked at the bill? Take a moment to think about buying dinner for over a hundred of your friends! In reality a wedding reception is much like that – buying dinner for a hundred or so of your friends and family members. While it may not be quite as expensive as a full restaurant meal, many brides are on the lookout for Economic Wedding ideas that are still tasty and that make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated.

How many guests you are inviting is one of the first things you want to do when thinking about your cheap wedding food.One Hundred guests versus twenty five means there is a big difference between what you can serve for food.  The more guests you have the more affordable your food items will need to be.Your own wedding reception can be filled with tastly and cheap food ideas.

This will of course mean getting away from the more expensive items such as beef and many of the seafood dishes.  We probably all wish we could serve prime rib and lobster at our wedding reception but these are far from any type of Economic Wedding ideas!  Instead you’re going to need to dress up the less expensive food items such as chicken, pork, and pasta.  Pasta especially works well as cheap wedding food ideas because you can feed a large crowd very easily – it’s much easier to put out a few pasta dishes and some bread and salad than it is to prepare a dinner with a main course, two or three side dishes, and that salad and bread.  Pasta is also very filling so guests won’t be likely to go back for seconds.

Other great cheap wedding food ideas include buffet bars of Mexican food.  You can have someone prepare the items needed for fajitas, tacos and burritos and include the shells and tortillas needed and guests just assemble their own items.  You can do the same for pasta – prepare a few different types of noodles as well as a few different sauces and guests simply pick and choose what they want.  These are not just cheap wedding food ideas but they make for a fun and interesting meal as well, and are great for casual weddings and receptions.

Never forget your budget or warehouse food store becuase you can get larget quantities of food for less.  Usually they can offer you a lot of Budget Wedding ideas because they usually have party trays of side dishes, spiral sliced hams, or can prepare a main dish of chicken kabobs for everyone.  They also may offer all sorts of appetizers and desserts that you can order in advance and pick up the day before or the morning of your wedding, and the cooking is done for a fraction of the cost of an actual caterer.Sometimes the best way to go about these things is to ask directly about some of these budget wedding foods and you may be pleasantly surprised.