Your wedding day is a special event that can be relived in photo albums. Unfortunately, not all of the photos taken at the event will end up in an album. Selecting which photos should go into your photo album can be overwhelming because of the number of photos from which to choose. Consider this method of choosing the best photos for your wedding album.


  1. Count how many photos will fit in your photo albums.
  2. Handle your photos with care, and stack similar photos in piles on a flat surface.
  3. Select the best three or four photos from each pile that represent a place in time from the wedding.
  4. Arrange the narrowed down photos in chronological order from the beginning of the day to the end. Rearrange, if needed, until the photos are arranged exactly how you want them viewed in your wedding albums.
  5. Place each photo in your wedding albums in the order determined in Step 4. Continue placing photos as your wedding day occurred.

Tips & Warnings

  •  Select a weekend for this project to give yourself enough time to select the best photos for your wedding album.
  •  Work in an area where the photos won’t be disturbed if you walk away to take a break.
  • Send the extra photos–those that didn’t make it into the albums–to relatives in your “Thank you” cards.
By Marie Wright, eHow Contributor