Just as the Vikings in other times, today we want to bring together the best warriors in our industry to celebrate together the 11th year of the wedding planner

Monday, March 23, 2020 at 6:00 pm

The Ocean Awards are the prizes given to the most outstanding Wedding Planners in each category. The winners are selected by 6 industry recognized judges and the 7th vote will be chosen through a social media survey. This year’s nominations are:

Recovery fee:

Before February 15th: $19.50 USD
After February 15th: $28.50
Accompanying persons: $44.50 USD


For more information call: (998) 168 9149 or (998) 169 4035
Carretera Puerto Juarez – Punta Sam Km. 84, Cancún, Q.R.
Viking costume contest. We will be waiting for you!